Thursday, March 20, 2014

Syria Removes Half of Chemical Weapons

Norwegian cargo vessel Taiko prepares to be loaded with chemical weapons at the Syrian port of Latakia (10 February 2014)


     Syria has remove about half of their chemical weapons away from their country. The UN has sized all of Syria's mustard gas. The UN has order that Syria hands over their chemical weapons because Syria is using chemical on its own people during a civil war. OPCW is planning that all chemical weapons in Syria will be removed by the 30th of June. OPCW plan to destroy the chemical weapons is that the most hazard chemicals will be destroy by hydrolysis(way breaking down chemicals) in international waters. The least hazards chemicals will be store by Denmark and Norway. Hopefully Syria dose not use any more chemicals on its citizens in their country.

My Reaction

      It is about time that the UN starts getting rid of Syria's chemical weapons. I feel sorry for the people fight the government because the country is kill it own people inhumanly. I think the countries should do more to Syria, not just threatening Syria. Hopeful the destruction of these chemical weapons will come sooner then June 30th

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