Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spot the Difference Dogs and Owners Share Style at Crufts

IN Birmingham, England on the opening day of Crufts dog event, photographers take pictures of the difference between dogs and their owners. the four-day event is meant to be the largest show of its kind and has thousand kinds of dogs. People travel from all over the world to win best in the show. Crufts was first held in 1891 and it hold a lot of people with all types of dogs.

I think this is really cool its kinda like a dog show and if you ever been to one then you know what i'm talking about. I really like the kinda pictures they have. I've never heard of a dog show that lasted four days though i'm surprised it last that long, but i still think its cool id love to go there.

Here is one of the pictures. If you wanna read about it or see more pictures, here is the wed site.

-Katie Higdon

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  1. I think this is cute and neat, I like how they cooperate with the owners and dogs instead of only doing things with the dogs like what the mainly do at dog shows.