Thursday, March 13, 2014

Release Of Afghan Prisoners Exposes Roof Of Rift With US

Release of Afghan prisoners exposes root of rift with U.S

        Last year in April the United States and Afghan forces placed a man named Sardar Mohammad under arrest and put him in a military prison. The military of the United States believe that Sardar Mohammad is a bomb maker for the Taliban that has attacked Afghan and other foreign countries. The Afghan government ordered for Mohammad and 64 other men to be released from prison. He returned to his village. He is now respected as a hero. His neighbors, members of his village, and family say that he is not and never was a Taliban bomb maker. Even himself said that he hates what the Taliban stands for.


My Reaction: When I read the first paragraph of this article, I thought that it would be a bad thing to release a man that is accused of being a bomb maker for the Taliban. But reading on further, I believe that he isn't a threat to anyone. But the article doesn't say that he isn't a bomb maker. But according to himself he hates everything that the Taliban stands for.

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  1. from the article it seems clear that he was wrongly detained. the U.S is supposed to have handed over control to Afghanistan of these matters. It will be hard for them to accept decisions that disagree with theirs. But that's the way it is. It looks to me like the guy was set up.