Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pakistan enters peace talks with the Taliban

Chief government Irfan Siddiqui (L) and Taliban team head Maulana Sami ul-Haq


Pakistan and the Taliban are negotiation peace talks
about the violence between them. The Taliban has been attacking Pakistan since 2007.  In January over 100 people, including soldiers have died and 1000 people have since 2007. The first talk secession was about 3 hours in Islamabad. The leader of the Taliban have agree to end the violence, or do anything that may damaging negotiations. The Taliban want U.S. troops out of the region and Pakistan adopts  Islamic law. The problem with these talks is that some people are worried that the Taliban will regroup with each other and gather Strength.


       I am glad to see that two groups that have different points of view have stop fighting and negotiation peace talks with each other. These group have been fighting over what culture should dominate in the region. I think that Pakistan may win his peace talk because of their country is set up. Unlike Pakistan, the Taliban has more of a culture that is in the 19th century, because of how they treat women and and their children. Hopeful this ends in a Diplomatic solution.    

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  1. I hope the talks between the Taliban and the Pakistan governement work. I'm curious about how long the peace between them will last. It is interesting that the Taliban wouldn't come to the talks themselves, but sent religious leaders to represent them. I guess they don't believe that they won't end up in jail.

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  3. In my opinion, the peace talks might declare peace between the Taliban and Pakistan but, I don't think that the violence between them will stop. The reason is that not everyone will agree with the government so, they will try everything to cause friction between them. They will eventually break up peace between them and end up resuming the violence between them due to the actions of a group that just hates each other.