Thursday, March 13, 2014

Joss Labadie: Torquay midfielder handed 10-game ban for biting

Labadie is a soccer player for the Torquay team. He is there midfielder. He got caught biting an opponent and it cost him a ban for 10 games, and he is fined 2,000 dollars. Torquay has until 12:00 on Monday to appeal.  they only get the weekend to decide on anything, and the FA can also appeal because they think the punishment is to easy and not harsh enough.

My Reaction:
I do not understand why somebody would bit someone. Especially in the middle of a soccer game. Like i only thought that babies would bit, not grown men because of a stupid soccer game. I think it's right that he does not get to play in the next 10 games, because he does not deserve to.

By: Jayme Baker


  1. He has to pay 2000 pounds, which is 4 or 5,000 dollars. Which is a lot of money. That seems fair. I was just wondering how you get in a position to bite somebody while you are busy trying to play soccer.

  2. If you are playing sports, you need to keep you composer when you playing. People may think you have loss your mind when you try to bite someone when you are playing a sport.

  3. I wonder why did he bite the other teams player. This player must has a issue or the opponent had to piss him off really bad. While you play sports you can't feed into other things except the game and winning. Good luck to him and the rest of his career, hope he doesn't bite nobody anymore.