Thursday, March 20, 2014

iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumors

Normally you thought the iPhone 6 was gonna be out in 2013 but there has always been in order we were not gonna get the iPhone 6 till' 2014. technically its gonna be the iPhone 8. the iPhone 6 will be released September of 2014. Apple is definitely testing it, but might not bring it to the market. 

My Reaction: 
I'd love to just see what the iPhone 6 is gonna look like i know it's gonna be expensive though. Just like the iPhone gold. I'm pretty sure its gonna be somewhere between 600-800 dollars. 

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iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors
By: Katie Higdon


  1. I do not care about the new iPhone. I think it is ridiculous to get a phone for $200, keep it for a couple of years and go buy another phone which basically has the same stuff on the phone as did the previously phone.

  2. It will be cool to see the new iPhone 6 even though i probably will not get it because they are so expensive. if i had to think of more stuff to add to the iPhone i would not be able to because i would run out of ideas.

  3. There are some cool features that apple can add as technology gets more advanced. It will be another large success for apple if the price range isn't ridiculous. But with new apple products, the price is almost always north of 700 dollars. It will be interesting to see what apple does with the iPhone 6.

  4. I have an IPhone and there is nothing over ordinary about it. It's basically an Ipod touch with a phone. I mean there are some features that other phones don't have but it just doesn't stand out that much. I personally wouldn't buy a phone for that amount of money unless it could fly and teleport me places.

  5. I think iPhone's are more than people think they are. Paying six hundred to eight hundred dollars for a cell phones is outrageous. I paid only one-hundred dollars for mine and not paying an higher, but I am pretty curious how the iPhone six is going to look like.

  6. I'm ready for the phone to come out, I've been waiting for the longest. This is probably the hottest phone that will be on the market. It going to cost a lot though.