Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drug company will give ailing 7-year-old medicine that could save him

Over the years, cancer turned up in Josh Hardy\'s thymus, lung, and bone marrow.

Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer at 9 months old. Since then the cancer turned up in his thymus, lung, and bone marrow, each time Josh beat the odds. But the done marrow transplant left Josh without much of an immune system. In February Josh was diagnosed with an Adenovirus that spread through his body, living him in critical condition.

My Reaction
I think this is awesome but scary too. The drug is approved by FDA considering he has life threatening diseases but there are no warning labels and they have no idea what it could do to him. If he were my child I would most definitely take a chance on making it better. At this point I don't think it could get any worse. This child has suffered since he was 9 months old, he hasn't lived at all. And to me a child should never be in this position, nor his family. But its not my place to question it. I  just hope they find what they are looking for and I hope he gets better!


  1. It must suck for the family.And they have to pay for all that treatment. It is U.S. news.

  2. I feel really bad because things like this can kill people taking away their lives so early. I would really be hurt because its an 7 year old thats actually going through things hard. He is a strong person because it is said that he has overcome many odds already.