Monday, March 17, 2014

Doctors Aim To Grow Ears From Fat

        Ears could be the first application to this study. Doctors and physicians at Great Ormond Street hospital in London are trying to reconstruct peoples' facial features with stem cells taken from their fat.                                             In their laboratory, a team has  created cartilage that could be used for features such as ears and noses. This technique could be revolutionary in care and have the potential to be transforming. Back of child's head
        One condition that the doctors are trying to treat is microtia. This condition causes the ear to not form properly and can be missing or malformed. 
         To preform this procedure on children, They take cartilage from their ribs, shape it carefully, and then implant it into the child. This requires multiple operations and leaves permanent scaring on the chest and the cartilage is never recovers.


My Reaction: My reaction to this is that I think it is a good thing. I think science is moving fast and with all the technology we have it will continue to grow and help more people in need. One thing that might be a problem is the loss of cartilage in the ribs. Another one is that the ear might not function correctly

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