Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Convicted Murderer Finds Redemption Training Dogs to Help Autistic Kids

ht chris vogt zach tucker dog kb 140319 16x9 608 Convicted Murderer Finds Redemption Training Dogs to Help Autistic Kids

             The convicted murderer, Chris Vogt, has been sentence to prison for 48 years in Colorado Prison. Also Vogt has made a major difference in the world today for the autistic children. His prison has a program called Colorado Cell Dogs, where you train dogs for the people who's blind and death. Vogt took it to another level. Just because, he has nothing but time on his hand he read all about the autistic children. He came up with unique training for the dogs to help the autistic children overcome behavioral and emotional issues.
            A 9 year old name Zachary, has been helped a lot by these dogs. Zachary went from a very bad student and failing classes from one of the smartest and most mature student in the autistic class ,just because he drove 200 miles down to the prison every weekend to work with the dog. Then after a while he took one of his own dogs home. Zachary named the dog Clyde. But Zachary is not the only autistic person in the world that has got help by a dog. Vogt has changed so many lives in this world for the better.

My Reaction:
           Even though this man is considered a murderer, he's done a lot for so many people in this world who has autistic children. He's actually doing something good with these dogs. Some people are killing, beating, and fighting these dogs. If I ever had a autistic children I would want my child to always be around these kind of dogs.



  1. Even though this man is a convicted murder he has helped alot of people. This man has changed lives of autistic children. He has helped bad students become smart and mature .

  2. I think this is a good idea for prison inmates to learn life lessons and help others. This will help inmates see life in a different way. That people have to go through hard thinks to survive in life.