Monday, March 17, 2014

Convicted Mafia Boss Wins UK Extradition Case

        On Monday night a convicted mafia boss returned to his humble abode in West London after a judge ruled that placing in a crowded Italian prison would violate his rights. This man's name is Domenico Rancadore. Rancadore is believed to be the cheif  of the Sicilian mafia. He was convicted in his leave for criminal associations between 1987-1995. He took his wife's surname and moved to London with his family.
        For 20 years he lived quitley under the name Mark Skinner and was arrested on a warrant in Europe in August. 20 years ago Domenico decided to leave the mafia life behind him and has lived in the United Kingdom blame-free with his family.


My reaction: My reaction is that the judge did the right thing because everyone is entitled to their rights by the constitution. And they should realize that he gave up on that life a long time ago and doesn't want anything to do with it anymore.

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