Sunday, March 16, 2014

Canada Ends Military Operations in Afghanistan

As of today Wednesday , March 12, 2014. Canada ends there 12 year mission in Afghanistan. Canada has in July of 2011 put their combat role on hold, but still had training options in Kabul. They played a very important role in taking control of Kandahar Province and gave a huge impact throughout the country. Canada is one of the top 10 troop contribution nations in the world.

Canada brought in 40,000 troops into Afghanistan since this mission has started in 2001. !58 soldiers , a diplomat, a journalist and a few civilians from Canada have been killed there. They were in Kandahar to improve economic conditions, and improve roads. This is one of the hardest places to keep under control.


My Reaction : I never knew that Canada was in Afghanistan. But i'm glad they finished their mission and are coming home. They only lost 158 people within 12 years which isn't bad at all. They went in got the job done and came out. Mission Accomplished !


  1. I didn't know Canada was in Afghanistan either. It's good that they're coming home and that they lost only 158 people in 12 years. That's about 13 people a year. I have been doing my genocide paper, where 300,000 people get killed in 10 years, so it doesn't seem so bad as a death rate. And 100 people just got killed in a village in Kenya.

  2. Afghanistan is a place that many people have died I'm shocked that Canada was able to obtain it. I believe that is a great accomplishment to control a place of such bad reputation

  3. I think its a good idea for Canada to get out of Afghanistan. Not every country should be in the middle east especially one that doesn't have much of an army like Canada. I think Canada went into Afghanistan for another reason.