Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nazis killed disabled children

Nazis killed disabled children

In Austria in the 1940s, 600 children were killed in the Am Steinh of hospited in Vienna, after Austrian Nazi doctors labeled them "worthless lives." The hospital used the remains of these children for medical research until 1978! Recently some of these victims were buried in a public ceremony in Vienna in order to remember that this happened, and to remember that Nazi horrors were committed in Austria by Austrians. Not just by Germans.

One of the people attending the burial ceremony lost his little sister. "My dear little sister Annemarie was taken to the hospital in the hope that she would get some kind of help," said Waltraud Haeupl, attending the ceremony, "My parents never found out that they had trusted their child to murderous doctors and nurses. Annemarie was poisoned at the age of 4, on Sept. 26, 1942."

Across Europe, 75,000 people, including 5,000 children were killed by the Nazis for real or imagined mental, physical or social disabilities. No one was ever punished for this.

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My reaction: I knew that the Nazis killed Jews, but I did not know that they also killed other people they thought were useless, like disabled people. They also killed homosexuals and gypsies. The ceremony for the dead is good, because it reminds people that this happened and that we should not do anything like that again. Don't be a Nazi.

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