Monday, February 24, 2014

           Italian navy rescue hundreds of sub-Saharan natives

Clandestine migrants on an inflatable boat south-east of Lampedusa, 5 February

Italian natives rescue Africans that had inflatable boats. There were about eight boats when the Italian navy spotted the Africans.Some of the Africans had drown and where found on a beach in Morocco.They were trying to make an escape to the Spanish territory. About 2,000 of the African immigrants had landed on the shores of Italy about a month ago it was 10 times the number that had been recorded in January of 3. The immigrants that where rescued will were put aboard a boat that is going to the destination of Sicilian port. There they will have to be inspected to see if they are legit to claim the asylum. If not they will  be sent back to their native were they will be at risk of being killed.

Reaction: People everyday are risking their lives to seek a better life in another country. I didn't realize that people actually go through things this harsh.It made me realize that people are willing to sacrifice anything in search of a better life.


  1. what country were the people from and why were they trying to escape? I hope they get asylum.

  2. I wonder why they were running from the Spanish territory. Now that they've been caught they have a chance of being killed, which sucks for them. I wish the world wasn't such crazy place.