Monday, March 3, 2014

Mother finds her kids starved to death in N. Korea

                  My Reaction: I was shocked at how dark, cruel, and revolting this story was.

             This story was about a woman, her parents, and her 3 kids being sent to a Korean labor camp where at the camp, the woman's parents and her kids were starved to death.  They were sent to a labor camp as a group punishment because the woman "gossiped" about the governments former leader.  As another harsh punishment, the woman was kept alive.



  1. This is beyond cruel! I can't believe people are like this. It honestly makes me sick.

  2. it makes me think about what we were just talking about with the Jews and stuff, and how they went to camps, and how they were suffered to death. like this woman was and they kept her alive to watch her children suffer.