Friday, February 28, 2014

Mexican Boxer Dies After Knockout Punch

Oscar Gonzalez
          One of the most exciting things in the fast-paced sport of boxing is the knockout or K.O. for short. In this case the exciting event went terribly wrong. On  February 3, 2014, featherweight Mexican boxer Oscar Gonzales nicknamed "Fantasma",  suffered a massive brain injury in the 10th-round knockout loss to Jesus Galicia, at the Foro Polanco in Mexico City. Oscar died 2 days later. Oscar was only 23 years of age.
         In this fight Oscar was the favorite boxer among the fans but he was trailing on the leader boards against his opponent Jesus Galicia. It was a rough fight and Galicia was landing unanswered punch combinations. Gonzales was getting rocked by every punch that he got hit with and he was visibly fading. He tried to clinch onto Galicia but the referee broke them up. Oscar staggered to one of the corners and spit out his mouthpiece. The referee waived the match over. Moments later a medical team surrounded Gonzales; he seemed to be having a seizure. He was given oxygen and put into a neck brace. He died that night. Fox Deportes replayed the entire fight.


My reaction: My initial reaction is that it was crazy. I never thought that something like this could happen to someone in a boxing match. Something like this is always an unpredictable event. When something as exciting as a knock out punch ends up being as tragic as it did in this case.


  1. I think once he felt that he was getting dizzy he should of stopped the fight his self. No reason he should've stayed in the fight. He made that choice on his self and that was the most frightening outcome.

  2. See you gotta be careful with these head injuries. If your dazing out while your boxing you stop ! At the end of the day he died, and his death should now be a lesson to other boxers.

  3. wow that is serious. he should have stopped the match before it got that bad. And the referees should know somthing was happening also so they should have stopped it too. I would not want to be a boxer because of all the bad things that could happen in it.

  4. This is crazy, I've never really thought about this being a possibility when watching UFC and other fighting matches. Its scary to think someone could just lose their life by making a living.

  5. It's really rare to see a boxer die in a fight. But it's the referees job to stop the fight if he thinks it is getting too lopsided for one fighter. Obviously he didn't think it was. Maybe they should make some new rules that are more strict about stopping fights sooner. But it should be an eye opener for some other boxers out there.