Monday, February 10, 2014

Giant Jellyfish Found on Australia Beach

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

Giant jellyfish found on Australia beach

The jellyfish washed up in Tasmania in January 2014

This new species of giant jellyfish was found washed up on the beaches in Tasmania south of Hobart, by the Lin family. The scientists in Australia are trying to classify this new giant jellyfish. The length of the jellyfish was 1.5m (5ft). Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin, of Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industril Research Organisation) government agency said that this is a "species I've known about for a while but it's not yet named and classified". The specimen is a "truly magnificent animal". 

The species is part of the Lion's Mane group found in the North Atlantic and Arctic. The Lion's Mane can grow up to 10 feet across. The jellyfish look like a dinner plate with a mop on the bottom of it. Plus they look really raggedy.

My Reaction: This reminds me of Stormbreaker when Alex escapes from a tank with a deadly giant jellyfish in it. He uses some kind of gel to get out.  

Jellyfish are really interesting. I saw a Youtube video about jellyfish. Part of it was about a fresh water jellyfish that swims upside down.

Posted By Ryan Day


  1. Wow ! This has to be by far the biggest jellyfish I've ever seen. A few years ago at the beach one washed up beside me , and i didn't even realize it until someone told me. If that would've washed up next to me, i probably would've killed myself.

  2. Again, more proof that everything in Australia is trying to kill you. I have a book of poisons (don't ask me why) and most of the deadliest ones come from Australia. They even have a shell that is poisonous. A shell!'

    Although, the picture looks like someone vomited on the beach, rather than found a jellyfish...

  3. One of the things it said in this article is that there are more jellyfish around than usual. I have learned that jellyfish like plastic. They eat it. Unlike other sea creatures, who die from it. Maybe there are more around because there is so much plastic junk in the oceans. nom.

  4. It's amazing how much wildlife can develop over time. Once my brother was stung by a jelly fish at the beach. It was about 1 foot long, and it left a nasty scar on his leg. its scary to think what a jelly fish of this size might do to someone.