Monday, February 24, 2014

Canada beats Sweden 3-0 for Olympic hockey gold

Canada has really had a great run in this years Olympics. Only allowing 3 goals between six wins while participating in this years Olympics. They haven't lost a single game this whole time going into the gold medal game against Sweden.  Honestly they have been unstoppable, not allowing teams to score in long periods of time. In fact they held one team without scoring for  164 minutes or more. If your doing that then you have to be and obvious choice for the gold.

The funny thing is coming into this match up, Sweden was also undefeated. But the Canadians made history by becoming the first team to go without a single lost in the Olympic tournament. Well with key injuries in the Sweden lineup with three of their star centers out. Canada took advantage, with scores from their best two centers. Which basically sealed the deal on this years winner of the 2014 Olympic hockey gold.


My Reaction: I honestly had a strange feeling that Canada was going to win it all this year, and they didn't disappoint. With the way they started out the Olympics i knew that this was going to be their year. I'm glad that they won. I still love America but i'm glad they won instead of Sweden. Sweden would've had a chance if they didn't have key injuries.

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  1. Every 4 years Canada is always a top contender coming into the Olympics, and now they have won two gold medals in a row for hockey. It's crazy how Canada almost lost to Latvia, one of the worst teams in the tournament, in the quarterfinals. But then went on to beat Finland and Sweden. But the United States was certainly not at their best, they had much difficulty scoring and were not up to par on defense. If America was at their best, it may have been a final between America and Canada.