Thursday, February 27, 2014

biggest drug cartel busted in Mexico 

The biggest drug lord in the world was captured in Mazatlan, Mexico when he was in a condo . He is in the DEA most wanted list and a godfather to most of the higher cartels. After he escaped in 2001 in a Mexican prison, he escaped through a laondrey truck. After that, he powers in  growth of drugs grew over billion dollars and is #63 powerful person in the world. now with the help of Mexican and US military had caught him, he is being trial in Mexico and will be moved in a into a Maximum prison here in the US.

my reaction: i thought he wont ever gonna get caught. since he own most of the territory in mexico, loved by his people, and can do almost what ever he wants. its pretty huge catching a legendary drug lord that is is wanted all over the world and the Mexican and  US marine catch  him with out putting a fight.


  1. I'm surprised that he never put up a fight. I'm also surprised that he didn't have any guards to protect him. It's also strange how a man beloved by his country, was captured and nobody protested about that at all.

  2. I am glad that mexico was able to capture the biggest drug lord in the world. This person has ship drugs all over the United States and he is also responsible for 80%of Chicago's drug going into the city. Hopefully this slows down drugs coming in the U.S.

  3. I'm glad he's caught. Unfortunately, as the article says, there are subs for him waiting in the wings. The cartel is still there. It's still good to catch him as he's probably a pretty skilled boss and the drug war he's been responsible for is horrible. He was caught when he turned on his cell phone in a hotel.