Monday, February 24, 2014

Airlines Warned Of Possible Toothpaste Tube Bombs Ahead Of Olympics

The United States has warned airlines of bombs possibly being hidden in toothpaste tubes on flights to Sochi, Russia were the 2014 Winter Olympics are being held. It is thought that these bombs could either be set of on the plane to Sochi, or may be smuggled in. There have already been rumors of possible terrorist attacks that may occur during the Olympics, so they have really tightened up on security in Sochi. Secretary of State John Kerry, said "Anybody who wants to go to the Olympics should go to the Olympics, which are just a great event, should go. And we're not telling people not to go". But he also said that anyone who is going should be aware of their surroundings and needs to be careful while there.


My reaction: I think that since there have already been rumors of an attack or attacks, the airlines need to be very thorough in their searches. If a bomb can fit in a toothpaste tube, it can fit in many other small places. Therefor I think security needs to be very strict in their searches not only on the airlines, but they also need to be very careful for bombs in events.

Posted by: Dustin Nichols


  1. That's scary to think bombs are able to go really anywhere. I wish the world was different and we didnt have to worry about anything but its the complete opposite now- a- days

  2. A bomb in a small toothpaste tube is kinda crazy. But it can happen as much as i don't want that to every happen it can. And its very scary to even think about. I hope it never happens though.