Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rights group: Scores forcibly disappeared in Colombian port city

Human Rights Watch says illegal armed groups have disappeared in large numbers like hundreds of people in Colombia's main Pacific port of Buenaventura, in the past two years. There has been killing and dismembering which some call "chop-up houses." Colombian officials say they have investigated several "chop-up houses", and the state's office have reported that there have been at least eight cases of dismemberment's over the last five months of last year. they have evacuated 13,000 people last year.

it is awful how many people have died or disappeared like this. If people around here started disappearing i would really really out and wonder what was going on. I am surprised that they haven't found out any more information than this so far.

Syria Removes Half of Chemical Weapons

Norwegian cargo vessel Taiko prepares to be loaded with chemical weapons at the Syrian port of Latakia (10 February 2014)


     Syria has remove about half of their chemical weapons away from their country. The UN has sized all of Syria's mustard gas. The UN has order that Syria hands over their chemical weapons because Syria is using chemical on its own people during a civil war. OPCW is planning that all chemical weapons in Syria will be removed by the 30th of June. OPCW plan to destroy the chemical weapons is that the most hazard chemicals will be destroy by hydrolysis(way breaking down chemicals) in international waters. The least hazards chemicals will be store by Denmark and Norway. Hopefully Syria dose not use any more chemicals on its citizens in their country.

My Reaction

      It is about time that the UN starts getting rid of Syria's chemical weapons. I feel sorry for the people fight the government because the country is kill it own people inhumanly. I think the countries should do more to Syria, not just threatening Syria. Hopeful the destruction of these chemical weapons will come sooner then June 30th

iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumors

Normally you thought the iPhone 6 was gonna be out in 2013 but there has always been in order we were not gonna get the iPhone 6 till' 2014. technically its gonna be the iPhone 8. the iPhone 6 will be released September of 2014. Apple is definitely testing it, but might not bring it to the market. 

My Reaction: 
I'd love to just see what the iPhone 6 is gonna look like i know it's gonna be expensive though. Just like the iPhone gold. I'm pretty sure its gonna be somewhere between 600-800 dollars. 

Read more about the iPhone 6:
iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors
By: Katie Higdon

U.S Politician Concerned Over Rwanda Attacks

\The chairmen of the United States Committee is concerned with the attacks that been going on of the Rwanda dissidents. Edward Royce wrote to Secretary Of State  John Kerry about the killing earlier in the year that had the involvement of Rwandan dissident in South Africa. There was also another dissident that was killed earlier this month leading to the expulsion of Rwanda.The Republican leader was assassinated in an hotel in Rwanda

Reaction-This is a sad situation because the citizens of Rwanda have really been through alot. I couldn't imagine how it must feel to be scared for your life weather or not your going to live. I feel sorry for them because i know there was alot of people who lost their lives over non sense. Rwanda is a country that needs to be in everyone's prayers.

North Korea Committing Genocide


        UN officials say that North Korea is committing crimes just like the Nazis did during World War II. That North Korea has committed Genocide in their own country secretly. The person responsible for this Genocide is Kim Jong-un who has build secret prison to imprison and kill anybody that protest against the government. The amount of testimony about the genocide concludes that North Korea has done such a thing. A victim of the crises said that she was force to drown her own baby. There are other stories similar in nature that took place at these camps. There are other testimony by a former General of North Korea, saying that this is been going on for years and the ways they torture people.  The UN is suggesting to put sanctions on North Korea for punishment for these crimes against humanity.                    

My Reaction:

      It is sad that North Korea is committing genocide. The surprise thing to this is that this is the 21st century and people are still committing genocide, just like the Nazis did 70 years ago. I think putting sanctions on North Korea is not going to solve the problem. I think we should send in UN aid to North Korea to help people escape the country if they are people followed by the government. Hopeful, North Korea will come to there senses and stop this genocide.

Man Locks Wife in Shed For Singing "Ding Dong Ditch the Witch is Dead" About His Mother

On March 20, A British man, Andrew Salmon, pleaded guilty to locking his wife in a shed and assaulting her for singing "Ding Dong Ditch the Witch is Dead." His mother died last December, and apparently, she was not sympathetic about his moms death, did not go to her funeral, and didn't provide any support to him. Salmon claims that she would sing Ding Dong Ditch the Witch is Dead at times. Eventually, he got fed up with her behavior, and when she got to their house one day Salmon said "it's my house now, you're not getting in." He then locked her in a shed. Later, she escaped the shed and then he punched her. Salmon has not been sentenced yet.


My Reaction: I think that if Salmon was dealing with that type of behavior for 3 months, something like this was bound to happen. It surprises me that he put up with it for as long as 3 months. First she didn't go to the funeral, then she continued not to support him. I would think that would be enough for him to do something about it, like kicking her out of the house or something. I don't think what he did was the best course of action, but given everything that she said and did, I think she deserved it in a way. Salon said "I shouldn't have done it and I am sorry but I was provoked into doing it."

Countries Investigating Debris; Link to Missing Plane

Amsa image


       Australia is investigating debris of the coast of theirs shores. They think it may be connected to the missing plane from Malaysia. The size of the object is reasonable to the size of the plane. Australia is sending ships to the area to see if the debris is the plane. It is important to find the plane because they need to get the black boxes so they can figure what happen to the plane. There have been a total of 26 countries looking for this plane. There are so many theory about what happen to it. People say that it was hijack, or people think there was a problem with the plane. Hopefully we can figure out what happen to the plane when it crashed.

My Reaction:

      This is good news because this could be the plane. if it is the plane, we could figure out what happen to it. I am hope that is mystery will end because I am getting tired of hearing this story everyday when I turn on the news. I think that a crazed mad man took over the plane and try to fly it where he wanted to go. All we need to do now is to find the plane and find out what happen to it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Convicted Murderer Finds Redemption Training Dogs to Help Autistic Kids

ht chris vogt zach tucker dog kb 140319 16x9 608 Convicted Murderer Finds Redemption Training Dogs to Help Autistic Kids

             The convicted murderer, Chris Vogt, has been sentence to prison for 48 years in Colorado Prison. Also Vogt has made a major difference in the world today for the autistic children. His prison has a program called Colorado Cell Dogs, where you train dogs for the people who's blind and death. Vogt took it to another level. Just because, he has nothing but time on his hand he read all about the autistic children. He came up with unique training for the dogs to help the autistic children overcome behavioral and emotional issues.
            A 9 year old name Zachary, has been helped a lot by these dogs. Zachary went from a very bad student and failing classes from one of the smartest and most mature student in the autistic class ,just because he drove 200 miles down to the prison every weekend to work with the dog. Then after a while he took one of his own dogs home. Zachary named the dog Clyde. But Zachary is not the only autistic person in the world that has got help by a dog. Vogt has changed so many lives in this world for the better.

My Reaction:
           Even though this man is considered a murderer, he's done a lot for so many people in this world who has autistic children. He's actually doing something good with these dogs. Some people are killing, beating, and fighting these dogs. If I ever had a autistic children I would want my child to always be around these kind of dogs.


Baby Gorilla Born by C-Section Battling Pneumonia

abc baby gorilla mar 140318 16x9 608 Baby Gorilla Born by C Section Battling Pneumonia

            The pneumonia suffering gorilla was born on March 12 at San Diego Zoo through a C-section. The doctors have been working with this poor gorilla all weekend and pretty sure this gorilla has pneumonia. Day by day, this creature is getting better. Doctor Dawn Reeves says that her performance is a lot different then the other gorillas and can may effect the test she might has to do. Her 18 year old mom, Imani, even had difficulties having her. It took her 12 hours, for an usual gorilla it takes 4 hours. Now her mom is back with her troop but is being very carefully watched over.

My Reaction:
           I know this gorilla is going through a lot right now. Pneumonia can kill you and this creature is going through this like a strong adult gorilla and with the help of the doctors ,she is doing very well. I hope everyday she get stronger and healthy. I'm glad we have doctors like this, because if we didn't the population for creatures would be very low. Hope this pneumonia fades away.

Massive Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia Blankets Region in Ash

On February 14, Mount Kelud erupted, killing 3 people, and forcing tens of thousands more to evacuate. It also caused 7 airports to shut down as the volcano was starting to show activity. The volcano shot debris 12 miles into the air, and some debris even landed about 135 miles away from where the volcano even erupted. A 35 year old farmer described the sound of the eruption as "thousands of bombs exploding." Towns within 10 miles were covered in ash, and a lot of people were evacuated just hours before the volcano actually erupted. The total amount of people evacuated was around 76,000, and the amount of people that were affected was about 200,000.

My Reaction: This reminds me of an article I saw a few weeks ago about a volcano in Yellowstone park, in Wyoming that may erupt for the first time in 600,000 years. It is the worlds largest super volcano, and if it erupts, it could potentially wipe out two thirds of the united states. Considering how much damage this volcano in Indonesia did, this volcano in Wyoming could not only destroy an entire country, but it could effect the entire continent, and the whole world.

British woman returning from African jungle finds giant spider in backpack

A giant spider was found in a woman's book bag upon her trip back from the African jungle. The laddie didn't realize she she had brought a friend home with her. Nora Serrat is environmentalist she is used to putting up with wild creatures. The Huntsman spider measured to be a inch and half round, its leg can reach up to 12 inches. The spider was a female, and had 200 in her egg sac.

The spider came out of her bag while she was in her office, it scattered around then finally one of stepped on it. After overcoming the fear of the spider , they became close with it. Gave it a name "Hermoine." Her manager took Hermoine , put her in a plastic box and took it to the London Zoo later on in the day. The breed of the spider is a huntsman, it does shoot out venom when it bites


My Reaction : Beside the fact that she found a spider in her bag while she was at work and was scared to death, this was a very interesting spider. If this were to happen to me I'd probably stare at it for a while just to make sure i wasn't seeing things. A spider that looks harmful to us isn't at all, only harmful to its prey. This was a very cool story. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Convicted Mafia Boss Wins UK Extradition Case

        On Monday night a convicted mafia boss returned to his humble abode in West London after a judge ruled that placing in a crowded Italian prison would violate his rights. This man's name is Domenico Rancadore. Rancadore is believed to be the cheif  of the Sicilian mafia. He was convicted in his leave for criminal associations between 1987-1995. He took his wife's surname and moved to London with his family.
        For 20 years he lived quitley under the name Mark Skinner and was arrested on a warrant in Europe in August. 20 years ago Domenico decided to leave the mafia life behind him and has lived in the United Kingdom blame-free with his family.


My reaction: My reaction is that the judge did the right thing because everyone is entitled to their rights by the constitution. And they should realize that he gave up on that life a long time ago and doesn't want anything to do with it anymore.

Doctors Aim To Grow Ears From Fat

        Ears could be the first application to this study. Doctors and physicians at Great Ormond Street hospital in London are trying to reconstruct peoples' facial features with stem cells taken from their fat.                                             In their laboratory, a team has  created cartilage that could be used for features such as ears and noses. This technique could be revolutionary in care and have the potential to be transforming. Back of child's head
        One condition that the doctors are trying to treat is microtia. This condition causes the ear to not form properly and can be missing or malformed. 
         To preform this procedure on children, They take cartilage from their ribs, shape it carefully, and then implant it into the child. This requires multiple operations and leaves permanent scaring on the chest and the cartilage is never recovers.


My Reaction: My reaction to this is that I think it is a good thing. I think science is moving fast and with all the technology we have it will continue to grow and help more people in need. One thing that might be a problem is the loss of cartilage in the ribs. Another one is that the ear might not function correctly

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Canada Ends Military Operations in Afghanistan

As of today Wednesday , March 12, 2014. Canada ends there 12 year mission in Afghanistan. Canada has in July of 2011 put their combat role on hold, but still had training options in Kabul. They played a very important role in taking control of Kandahar Province and gave a huge impact throughout the country. Canada is one of the top 10 troop contribution nations in the world.

Canada brought in 40,000 troops into Afghanistan since this mission has started in 2001. !58 soldiers , a diplomat, a journalist and a few civilians from Canada have been killed there. They were in Kandahar to improve economic conditions, and improve roads. This is one of the hardest places to keep under control.


My Reaction : I never knew that Canada was in Afghanistan. But i'm glad they finished their mission and are coming home. They only lost 158 people within 12 years which isn't bad at all. They went in got the job done and came out. Mission Accomplished !

Family Has Baby From Adopted Embryo

A wife and husband has tried and failed to have a baby for 8 years, but with a donated embryo they were finally able to share a baby together. When they were matched with a donor. Cj (the baby) was born two years later and carried by her aunt. Cj is now 13 months old and has even met her biological father. 

My Reaction

I think this is awesome because when you want a baby so bad but have done everything possible but still can't have one, I'm sure it makes you feel less of a woman, same for a man if it were to be his issues of why they couldn't have babies. So,  the fact that they tried but never gave up and went as far as buying an embryo to have a baby is truly amazing that it worked.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Release Of Afghan Prisoners Exposes Roof Of Rift With US

Release of Afghan prisoners exposes root of rift with U.S

        Last year in April the United States and Afghan forces placed a man named Sardar Mohammad under arrest and put him in a military prison. The military of the United States believe that Sardar Mohammad is a bomb maker for the Taliban that has attacked Afghan and other foreign countries. The Afghan government ordered for Mohammad and 64 other men to be released from prison. He returned to his village. He is now respected as a hero. His neighbors, members of his village, and family say that he is not and never was a Taliban bomb maker. Even himself said that he hates what the Taliban stands for.


My Reaction: When I read the first paragraph of this article, I thought that it would be a bad thing to release a man that is accused of being a bomb maker for the Taliban. But reading on further, I believe that he isn't a threat to anyone. But the article doesn't say that he isn't a bomb maker. But according to himself he hates everything that the Taliban stands for.

Herders Kill 100+ in Nigerian Conflict Over Land

Dozens of gunman on moterbikes killed more then 100 villagers over a conflict over land in North Nigeria. It all began on a Tuesday night. It made lots of people leave. People were still burring victims on Thursday, and they came back and shot down seven more people. They also set fire to thatch-roofed huts. This went own for a long time, with them moving out and then the gunmen kill a bunch more of them. While some were burring they counted 103 bodies in three of the four villages, and five vehicles were torched. It was the gunman's mission to wipe them all out.

My Reaction:
It is crazy that these people would kill all of these other innocent people just for some land. I could not think that people are that curl to others. And they leave them with nothing because they burn everything and kill most of the people so the ones that are still alive don't have any family. I could not live without my family here with me.

Joss Labadie: Torquay midfielder handed 10-game ban for biting

Labadie is a soccer player for the Torquay team. He is there midfielder. He got caught biting an opponent and it cost him a ban for 10 games, and he is fined 2,000 dollars. Torquay has until 12:00 on Monday to appeal.  they only get the weekend to decide on anything, and the FA can also appeal because they think the punishment is to easy and not harsh enough.

My Reaction:
I do not understand why somebody would bit someone. Especially in the middle of a soccer game. Like i only thought that babies would bit, not grown men because of a stupid soccer game. I think it's right that he does not get to play in the next 10 games, because he does not deserve to.

By: Jayme Baker

Jeff King Out of the Iditarod Scratches at Safety

According to race officers Jeff King scratched out of the race at safety. There was so much wind that he couldn't find the trail. he was with his team for one to two hours before trying to get help to get to safety checkpoint. Jeff and his team were moved to the safety checkpoint for the night. Aliy Zirkle passed Jeff King and arrived first.

My Reaction:
I really wanna know how he got off the trial, but i'm guessing it was winder than i think to not be able to see the trail. Jeff King won four times what really happened i think he felt bad and decided to drop out of the race and help Aliy.
By: Katie Higdon

Drug company will give ailing 7-year-old medicine that could save him

Over the years, cancer turned up in Josh Hardy\'s thymus, lung, and bone marrow.

Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer at 9 months old. Since then the cancer turned up in his thymus, lung, and bone marrow, each time Josh beat the odds. But the done marrow transplant left Josh without much of an immune system. In February Josh was diagnosed with an Adenovirus that spread through his body, living him in critical condition.

My Reaction
I think this is awesome but scary too. The drug is approved by FDA considering he has life threatening diseases but there are no warning labels and they have no idea what it could do to him. If he were my child I would most definitely take a chance on making it better. At this point I don't think it could get any worse. This child has suffered since he was 9 months old, he hasn't lived at all. And to me a child should never be in this position, nor his family. But its not my place to question it. I  just hope they find what they are looking for and I hope he gets better!

New Jersey Student Who Sued Parents Returns Home

This senior in high school, 18 years old wanted to sue her parents. The lawsuit was asking her parents to pay the remaining tuition for her last semester at her private high school, pay her current living and transportation expenses, commit to paying her college tuition and reimburse her friend's parents for legal fees. She also said her parents forced her out but the opposite story is that she chose to leave because she didn't want to participate on home chores. The lawsuit is not completely dropped but the 18 year old is now at home and her parents say everything is behind them and they are working on their future.

My Reaction
I think this is ridiculous I feel like if the girl wanted to not follow the rules and chose to leave then that's not her parents fault. If her parent did kick her out then I feel like they should have helped with some of her conditions. But the fact that she decided to leave then realized she couldn't make it without her parent, then decided to sue them for everything she needed is wrong. She should have never left.

Isreal Fires on 29 'Terror Sites' after Rockets from Gaza hit Populated Areas

A trail of smoke from rockets fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza toward Israel is seen above Gaza City on Wednesday.l

This attack on Israel marked "the most substantial attack" in two years against the country, said the Israeli military. Israel responded by targeting "29 terror sites" in Gaza, direct hits were confirmed. 41 rockets struck in Israel, three rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. The hits on both sides were mainly in populated areas but the number of dead and injured are not yet confirmed.

My Reaction
I think this is scary and for this to be a random attack its even more scary. Its kind of a mini war between the two, considering when one fired the other one fired, then they fired back, so on and so forth. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vicious Dog Attack Leaves 13-Year-Old Boy Dead

PHOTO: Kenneth Santillan is seen in this undated photo posted to Facebook.

          On March 3, 2014 two teenage boys were attacked by a 115-pound bull mastiff that got loose from it's backyard. The huge dog ran after the two teenagers, Santillan and his friend, after they both split up from each other trying to run away from the bull mastiff. Santillan friend got away from the beast, but it left a few bite wounds on him. He later was treated at a local hospital. Sadly Santillan didn't make it. They found his body near a icy stream at 11 p.m. with wound bites all over his body.

         A man named Paul Clarke owned the bull mastiff, named "trigger". He tried to stop the beast from murdering the teenager by stabbing him numerous of times, but it didn't work. Instead he had a few wounded bites from trying to kibosh this dog from attacking the child. Others are wondering how the dog got out the fence but Animal Control Chief John DeCando said the dog may have jumped over the fence because, the fence is very small compared to the dog. People notice this dog was very aggressive every time when somebody walk passed him. This is the second dog attack under a month in New Jersey, earlier in the month a little boy was attacked two pit bulls.

My Reaction:
         Instantly I thought why can't you keep control of your own dog and why do you have a dog that's so wild and not trained. I wonder how do the owner of Trigger feel about him killing another human and how is he going to live up to that. I feel sorry for the family members of Santillan and my prayers go out to them. I really hope the other friend of Santillan get better.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Second win for Iditarod dog sled racer

Dallas Seavey brings home the win ! Dallas finished this long intense race in 8 days , 13 hours , and 19 seconds. He broke a 2011 record he had set, Seavey is taking home $50,000 dollars along with a new lorry, which is a type of vehicle to transport goods. Dallas raced against his father , he too had won the race some years prior he placed third. It was a close one for Seavey he only won by two minutes with Ally Zirkle right behind him in second place.


My Reaction : I was excited that Seavy won ! I didn't want to do grammar , but he was bound to win he won a few time before so it was his time to win. He's very lucky that Ally didn't steal his win, she was only two minutes behind him.

Maybe the world fastest car built

the best American and fastest sports car in the world. The car is the Hennessy Venom gt. It hit up to 270.47 mph. Faster then the Bugatti veyron hitting at 267.86 mph. When the car was still in creation the people of the Hennessy inc. Thought of it as a joke and started sketching it. that untill they actiolly started thinking of planning and that is how the Venom GT was made.They put a body of of a Lotus Exige and a 1000 twin turbo engine.  It was tested in Kennedy Space Center on the Shuttle landing facility with a 3.2 mile run way. The car was still going after it ran out of runway. It`s even cheaper then the Bugatti as well. Its cost at least $1 million  while the Bugatti in $2.5 million.

my reaction: i was pretty amaze that A american car could beat a European sports car. the fact it was a joke making the car it make the other sports car look horrible. a mid-engine car with twin turbo could beat a bugatti

Monday, March 10, 2014

Malaysia Airline Disapperance

Reports say that the plane from the Malaysia airline has disappeared with very little information on how it could have went missing. Say the plane had left March 8, 2014 it had lost contact with air control and disappeared of the radar an hour later. There is no trace of the plane ,and 239 people that boarded the plane. There is a strong chance that the plane could have been hijacked.

I think this is really sad because alot of people were on that plane i have alot of family that actually use a plane to get from state to state. It hurts a little because their were children on the plane and everything.I couldn't imagine what i would do if any of my family members where on that plane. So i really hope and pray that the plane is found very soon with every intact.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Crimea military base stand-off over

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Crimea military base stand-off over

"The sense of violence and menace is growing", reports John Simpson in Crimea

A Russian Navy vessel blocks the entrance to the Crimean port of Sevastopol (7 March 2014)
Russia's Black Sea Fleet continued to blockade the Crimean port of Sevastopol, where it is based

A stand-off involving pro-Russian soldiers at a Ukrainian military base outside the Crimean city of Sevastopol has reportedly ended without incident. The incident came hours after Russian parliamentarians promised to support Crimea if it wanted to become part of Russia.Crimea's parliament announced on Thursday it would hold a referendum on 16 March on whether to join Russia or remain part of Ukraine.

The vote has been denounced as "illegitimate" by the interim government in Kiev, which took power after President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia last month in the wake of mass protests against his government and deadly clashes with security forces.

On Friday evening, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency cited a duty officer and Ukraine's defence ministry as saying a lorry had rammed open the gates of the missile defence base A2355 outside Sevastopol and that about 20 "attackers" had entered, throwing stun grenades. The Ukrainian troops barricaded themselves inside a building and their commander began negotiations before any shots were fired.

Site URL:

My Reaction: I think this article is really confusing. I wanted to post something about the Russians invading the Ukraine because it seems like important news, but this article isn't clear. There's not enough information to figure out what happened and who did it. Are the Crimeans on Russia's side in this thing or on the Ukrainian side or what? Who didn't attack or did attack and what exactly happened. It's either bad journalism or just a confusing situation.

Posted by Ryan Day

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spot the Difference Dogs and Owners Share Style at Crufts

IN Birmingham, England on the opening day of Crufts dog event, photographers take pictures of the difference between dogs and their owners. the four-day event is meant to be the largest show of its kind and has thousand kinds of dogs. People travel from all over the world to win best in the show. Crufts was first held in 1891 and it hold a lot of people with all types of dogs.

I think this is really cool its kinda like a dog show and if you ever been to one then you know what i'm talking about. I really like the kinda pictures they have. I've never heard of a dog show that lasted four days though i'm surprised it last that long, but i still think its cool id love to go there.

Here is one of the pictures. If you wanna read about it or see more pictures, here is the wed site.

-Katie Higdon

Pakistan enters peace talks with the Taliban

Chief government Irfan Siddiqui (L) and Taliban team head Maulana Sami ul-Haq


Pakistan and the Taliban are negotiation peace talks
about the violence between them. The Taliban has been attacking Pakistan since 2007.  In January over 100 people, including soldiers have died and 1000 people have since 2007. The first talk secession was about 3 hours in Islamabad. The leader of the Taliban have agree to end the violence, or do anything that may damaging negotiations. The Taliban want U.S. troops out of the region and Pakistan adopts  Islamic law. The problem with these talks is that some people are worried that the Taliban will regroup with each other and gather Strength.


       I am glad to see that two groups that have different points of view have stop fighting and negotiation peace talks with each other. These group have been fighting over what culture should dominate in the region. I think that Pakistan may win his peace talk because of their country is set up. Unlike Pakistan, the Taliban has more of a culture that is in the 19th century, because of how they treat women and and their children. Hopeful this ends in a Diplomatic solution.    

My Source:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Riot police in Ukraine move in against protest camp

               My Reaction: It's like a civil war in Ukraine.

             The reason I call it a civil war is because another riot broke out in Kiev's center.  When the riot started, the riot leader said "This is an island of freedom and we must defend it." Due to the intensity of the riot, the police to had to move in and stop it.  While trying to stop the riot, there were 8 police officers  killed.  On the other hand, they killed 11 protesters so far.


Mother finds her kids starved to death in N. Korea

                  My Reaction: I was shocked at how dark, cruel, and revolting this story was.

             This story was about a woman, her parents, and her 3 kids being sent to a Korean labor camp where at the camp, the woman's parents and her kids were starved to death.  They were sent to a labor camp as a group punishment because the woman "gossiped" about the governments former leader.  As another harsh punishment, the woman was kept alive.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Musicians Crushed in Bolivian Carnival Parade

             In LA PAZ, Bolivia on March 2, 2014 a macabre accident happened at the Bolivian Carnival Parade. A group of musicians was marching in the opening under a bridge that collapsed on them. Three musicians and sixty more other people was injured after the incident. Dozens were on the bridge when it collapsed. This march became a funeral march of the three musicians that died. This event is very popular in Bolivia, that draws twenty-thousand musicians and ten thousand more tourist to the four-day annual event.

My Reaction:
            My instant reaction to this terrifying event was that how can the family members of the lost ones can get over such a thing. I know it'll take a long time to get over something like this. It's a good thing that only three out of twenty-thousand musicians died and not hundreds died. I just wish nobody would of died in an accident like this and the parade went as planned the first time. Hopefully the new bridge that they're building is stronger and more stable, so no one is getting collapsed on in the future.

Eryk Brandon- Dean

Friday, February 28, 2014

Mexican Boxer Dies After Knockout Punch

Oscar Gonzalez
          One of the most exciting things in the fast-paced sport of boxing is the knockout or K.O. for short. In this case the exciting event went terribly wrong. On  February 3, 2014, featherweight Mexican boxer Oscar Gonzales nicknamed "Fantasma",  suffered a massive brain injury in the 10th-round knockout loss to Jesus Galicia, at the Foro Polanco in Mexico City. Oscar died 2 days later. Oscar was only 23 years of age.
         In this fight Oscar was the favorite boxer among the fans but he was trailing on the leader boards against his opponent Jesus Galicia. It was a rough fight and Galicia was landing unanswered punch combinations. Gonzales was getting rocked by every punch that he got hit with and he was visibly fading. He tried to clinch onto Galicia but the referee broke them up. Oscar staggered to one of the corners and spit out his mouthpiece. The referee waived the match over. Moments later a medical team surrounded Gonzales; he seemed to be having a seizure. He was given oxygen and put into a neck brace. He died that night. Fox Deportes replayed the entire fight.


My reaction: My initial reaction is that it was crazy. I never thought that something like this could happen to someone in a boxing match. Something like this is always an unpredictable event. When something as exciting as a knock out punch ends up being as tragic as it did in this case.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

biggest drug cartel busted in Mexico 

The biggest drug lord in the world was captured in Mazatlan, Mexico when he was in a condo . He is in the DEA most wanted list and a godfather to most of the higher cartels. After he escaped in 2001 in a Mexican prison, he escaped through a laondrey truck. After that, he powers in  growth of drugs grew over billion dollars and is #63 powerful person in the world. now with the help of Mexican and US military had caught him, he is being trial in Mexico and will be moved in a into a Maximum prison here in the US.

my reaction: i thought he wont ever gonna get caught. since he own most of the territory in mexico, loved by his people, and can do almost what ever he wants. its pretty huge catching a legendary drug lord that is is wanted all over the world and the Mexican and  US marine catch  him with out putting a fight.

Syrian forces 'kill many rebels' in Eastern Ghouta

               My reaction: Why are they calling this a 'well organized ambush" at the cost of over 70+ lives.

                     According to the article, the Syrian government ambushed and killed a large number of rebel forces in the eastern part of the capital.  After the ambush, the Syrian state media says that a total 175 people were killed in the ambush, but the UK based Syrian observatory for human rights says that 70 people were killed pm the ambush.  The Syrian government says that the total number of people killed was around 3,000 ever since the fighting broke out on January 3rd.

Members of the al-Nusra Front in Aleppo in October 2013

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NHL Players Still Not Guaranteed To Lace Up In 2018 Olmpics

NHL players play a huge part of hockey in the winter Olympics. Of Canada's gold metal winning team this year, all players were from the NHL. Of team Sweden's silver winning team, all players but one were from the NHL. And USA's entire roster was also made up entirely of NHL players. So without NHL players participating, who knows who may have won the gold. That is what may happen in 2018. Because of injuries and fatigue, NHL players may not participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The reason players get so tired is because when the Olympics end, players will have to travel from South Korea back to North America and play a game within 2 or 3 days. A perfect example of an injury would be the New York Islander's star center, John Tavares, who suffered a torn MCL at the Olympics, and will be out for the remainder of the season. He is currently leading the Islanders in points, he is the captain of the Islanders, and is one of the most skilled players in the league. And with the New York Islanders competing for a playoff position, this injury could potentially ruin their season. It is for reasons such as this that the NHLPA may decide to not allow NHL players to go to the 2018 Olympics.


My Reaction: I think that it is a very tough decision to make. The Olympics are a very important event, and the best players in the world are supposed to compete there. However, the NHL and teams in the NHL can't afford to loose players like John Tavares. I think that the players will end up going to South Korea in 2018 though. I believe that because like I said before, the best players in the world are supposed to compete in the Olympics, and that would not be the case if NHL players did not participate.

Posted by Dustin Nichols