Thursday, August 30, 2012

Australians Implant 'World First' Bionic Eye


A scientist group in Australia has created a robotic (bionic) eye implant that they put in a woman who has lost her sight.  Diana Ashworth is the woman's name.  It didn't replace her own eye, but it was attached to her retina.  There are little electrodes that stimulate her eyeball and make it work when it wasn't working properly before.

The device only works in the lab and only provides her with flashes of sight at a time.  The doctors will have her constantly coming back until they can figure a way to make it work all the time.  It also doesn't give her a full view, but only a little bit at a time.  They are seeing how the brain processes this information so that they can make it better.

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My Reaction: This is so cool to me because when I was little, there was a show called the Six Million Dollar Man about a guy who was in a plane crash or something and they replaced him with a lot of bionic parts.  He then went on to beat up bad guys with with super speed, strength, and eye sight.  There was a spin off show called The Bionic Woman, too.

So my thought is, what next?  It seems that science can do almost everything that used to only belong in comic books and science fiction movies.  They now have microchips that can be put in a person's brain and allow them to move fake arms or move things on the computer.  There is talk about a company sending people to colonize the moon, cloning animals, genetically altering people - what can't science do?

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